Organizations Which Improve the Quality of Life

Below are a sample of community organizations which we are proud to be a part of which improve the quality of life of residents in Putnam County and its surrounding counties.

Habitat for Humanity Cabell, Lincoln and Putnam County 4-H Programs Working In Our Schools
Community Cupboard  Community Shred Day

Habitat for Humanity - Putnam and Kanawha Counties

Putnam County Bank continues their financial support to the Habitat for Humanity in Kanawha and Putnam Counties.  For those unfamiliar, Habitat identifies families in need who have lived in substandard housing who wish to acquire adequate housing for their families.  Applicants must complete courses such as home repair, maintenance and money management (conducted by Habitat) and who commit to providing part of the labor, known as "sweat equity".  This allows those in need to acquire adequate housing for far less than what they could otherwise and that the money spent in rent can be used to apply to a home they could keep. 

Habitat has been responsible for giving people an opportunity to improve their condition.  One example of this has been the improvement in scholastic test scores for children in Habitat families.  There is an obvious impact when good quality housing is provided for children.

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity in Kanawha and Putnam Counties, please log-on to www.hfhkp.org.

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Cabell, Lincoln and Putnam County 4-H Programs

Putnam County Bank has been an avid supporter of the local 4-H Programs, especially the annual livestock sales.

We admire the dedication and hard work of leaders and participants in these programs.

We would encourage everyone to come out and support the 4-H at the local county fairs,

Fot the Putnam County Fair in Eleanor:


For the Cabell County Fair in Milton


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Working in Our Schools

Putnam County Bank continues to have a significant presence in our local schools.  As a leader in ensuring the well-being of our local communities, it is our obligation to be involved in our schools.

One program that employees volunteer their time for is Portfolio Exposition program in area high schools.  Developed by the Putnam County Board of Education, the programs allow students to prepare for employment interviews and meet with community business people to simulate an employment interview.  Each student is evaluated with strengths and weaknesses documented for their improvement.  This has been a highly successful program because of the dedicated work of teachers and the participation of the business community.

Putnam County Bank, along with other area banks, continue to participate in a business education program in cooperation with the Putnam County Board of Education, the Putnam County Library and the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce.  This program involves starting a business and selling a product, including all of the planning it entails.  The profits that these businesses generate are donated to a charity, specified by the students.  The program culminates in a Business Symposium held in January at the Board of Education office in Winfield.

Another program is the Teach Children to Save program.  In 2011, employees volunteered to present the program at Rock Branch Elementary School near Poca.

Many of our employees are involved in school programs through their children and volunteer many hours to help the schools.

Likewise, the Bank continues to financially support schools through their sports teams, bands, show choirs and yearbook groups as well as academic awards, perfect attendance and county spelling bee contests.

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Community Shred Day

Putnam County Bank has been proud to sponsor Community Shred Days to help local residents destroy confidential documents such as old bills and statements.  When these fall into the wrong hands, it can lead to identity theft, fraud, financial loss and disruption to those victimized.  This service has been always been very popular as many understand the significance of securely destroying confidential documents. 

Putnam County Bank currently schedules its Shred Day in September.  The services are offered free of charge to all, no matter if you are a customer or not.

Services are provided by KnightHorst Shredding, LLC.


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